How to Create a Wedding Budget

One of the first steps in wedding planning is creating a budget. Below you will find steps on how to create a budget that works for you!

Who All Is Contributing? 

Figuring out who all is contributing is the very first step in creating a budget. This can be super awkward asking parents or grandparents, but knowing who and how much they are willing to contribute is essential to creating your budget.

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Do Some Calculations 

Once you figure out if someone like your mom has her heart set on paying for your dress or paying a certain amount towards your wedding, you will have to figure out how much you and your fiancé can realistically save between now and the wedding. Once you have your final numbers from those who are willing to contribute, you will have a ballpark number to be able to start your wedding budget.

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Your Guest Count Has a Huge Impact On Your Wedding Budget

The amount of guests you invite determines the size of venue needed, how much food and alcohol needed, how many invitations need to be sent out, chairs, and tables needed, etc. Be strategic on who you invite to your wedding so you can cut down on the wedding costs from the beginning.

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Choose Items Worth Splurging On

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Make a priority list on the details of your wedding including hair and makeup, dj vs live band, wedding cake, photography, etc. Put these items in order from most important to least important. Then choose the top two that are worth more to you that you want to splurge on. Then break down the rest of your budget on the items that aren’t as important to you.

Do Some Research

With the help of your wedding planner who can point you in the right direction of what you are looking for,  doing your research on different vendors is important. Shop around some to see who offers the best package for what you want for your day. Make sure to ask about any hidden costs when speaking to vendors.

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Do The Math

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Make sure you are being realistic about your budget. A wedding in the middle of wedding season is going to cost more than a wedding in the middle of December. Make sure your budget is set up according to the average cost for your area during the time of year you want to have it. Your wedding planner can assist in helping you navigate the best time of year for you to get married to fit your budget!

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Lastly, Create A Spreadsheet

Once you have your budget and breakdowns, create a spreadsheet like the one above to help you keep track of everything in one place. Here you can have your vendors listed, the amount you budgeted for, the amount it is going to cost, any amount that you have paid and any payment due dates. If you use Google Docs for this you can easily share it with your fiance, wedding planner, or parents who are contributing.

P.S. Whatever you do, don’t go into debt saying “I Do”. Weddings can be stressful enough without racking up credit card bills. The most important thing is you are marrying your best friend. :)



Source: Here Comes the Guide