9 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding or Honeymoon

Planning a Destination Wedding, but unsure of where to start? Or thinking about going somewhere exotic for your honeymoon? Check out the tips below to help you plan the most perfect day or trip from miles away!

Picking a Place

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What is your dream location? Is it in the mountains with fall foliage or on the beach at sunset? That will help narrow down your choices! The spot you choose to tie the knot could also be your honeymoon destination to help cut down on some costs!


Photography: Once Like a Spark 

Thinking About Your Guests

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If you are having a destination wedding and are wanting to invite a large number of guests, you will have to think about how far they would be willing to travel. Also, you may have to plan some activities for them while they are there.

Check the Weather

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Make sure you don't plan your wedding on the beach during hurricane season or you may have to relocate inside! If you are planning a wedding on the other side of the world check the average temperatures or past weather to get a feeling for what the weather may be like for your wedding.


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Top Options for your Honeymoon

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Each of you pick out a list of your top honeymoon destinations. See if any match. If not each of you pick one off the other’s list and do more research on those spots. You can easily compare prices, things to do, and amenities and make this choice a lot easier!

Embrace the Local Culture

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Having a destination wedding is more than just having a beautiful backdrop. Check out the local cuisine and have that served for dinner for your wedding. Or have decor that compliments the venue. Your wedding planner can help you make your vision come to life! 

Budget for Shipping 

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Some costs catch couples off guard like shipping costs for getting things to the wedding destination. Make sure to set some money aside for things like this.

Booking Airfare

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Whether you are booking airfare for your wedding or honeymoon there are great tools to use to track flight prices. Google Flights is a free service and you can track multiple flights at once,  A great app to use is Hopper. It gives you insights on if it is a good time to book or if you should wait to book. There is also a site called Rome2Rio that gives you all the options of how to get from point A to Point B. These tools cans save you a lot of money!

Pack Smart

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Make a detailed list of everything you need for the wedding or for your honeymoon. Your wedding planner could also help make sure you don’t forget anything! If you need to buy certain items make a plan and budget for those things, so that you are not rushing to buy them all last minute. Lastly, start packing early!


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Make sure to have transportation information for you and your guests on how to get from the airport to the venue. You or your guests may not have internet to order an Uber or there may not be Ubers and taxis can be very expensive!


Tell us if you have any tips for a destination wedding or honeymoon!


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