10 Must-Haves for Your Wedding Emergency Kit

Below you will find 10 must haves on your wedding day to solve an emergency when a last minute crisis arises!

Fashion Tape

1 610ngaig78l-sl1000_1.jpg

If you or your bridesmaids loose a little weight right before the wedding and will be rocking a strapless dress this will help keep everything in place! It is double stick tape so it sticks to your skin and the fabric of the dress. Having used this product before I can vouch it is a lifesaver! 

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Tape Tin, $8.88, available on Amazon

Safety Pins

2 safety-20pins.jpg

These will be a quick fix for any broken bra straps or a torn hemline.

Hair Spray 

After your hairdresser leave and takes everything with them you may be in trouble if that one pesky piece of hair just won’t stay put. Having your own hair spray on hand will be beneficial for any last minute touch ups or to take the static out of clingy fabric!


Aussie Mega Aerosol Hairspray $3.74 available at Walmart

Lint Roller 

With this everyone will stay looking sharp and you can keep all the lint off of everyone's dress or tux. 

One Lint Roller can be found at Dollar tree

Tide to Go Pens

This is an absolute must have. Even if you are the most cautious person there is bound to be a spill of some sort on someone and that is the last thing you would want in your pictures! Having this on hand alleviates that problem!

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pens, $14.04 for pack of 3, available on Amazon

Hand-Held Steamer

You can find one of these at Walmart and will help you get any last minute creases out of dresses or tuxes!

Photo Courtesy of Walmart

Handheld Steamer $29.44 Available at Walmart 

Earring Backs

7 earring-20back-20set.jpg

This is not something you would usually see on a must have list. But imagine about to walk down the aisle and you can’t find the back to the pearl earrings your mom let you borrow? These will be your go-to and save you and the wedding party from searching all over for that back.

Photo Courtesy of Target

Women's Earring Back Set, $5 for 28, available at Target

Sewing Kit

Even if you can’t sew chances are someone there knows how to fix a button if it pops off. Being prepared with a sewing kit will help cut off any loose strings or other small fashion emergency.


Singer Sew Kit $8.99 available at Target

Tylenol or Ibuprofen 

9 989848_orig.jpg

Maybe your bridal party had a little too much fun the night before and have terrible headaches the day of the wedding. It is a great idea to have some medicine on hand to be able to enjoy the day fully. 

Tylenol Go Packs $1 can be found at Dollar tree

A Pair of Tweezers

10 196944-v1.jpg

Make sure to have a pair in case you have any last minute eyebrow hair pop ups that need to be removed. Or maybe someone gets a splinter so you will be prepared to help get it out! 


4 pack of Tweezers $1 can be found at Dollar Tree



If it is an emergency and you don’t have one of these items you could ask your wedding planner; chances are she has also come prepared in case of any crisis that may arise!


What is something you have to have on your wedding day? Leave us a comment and let us know!