6 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Thinking of personalizing your wedding, but you are getting stumped? See how this bride and groom personalized some of their aspects of their wedding day! 

I met Roberta and Jordan back in high school. They ran into each other one day at Chick-Fil-A. She messaged him on Facebook after seeing him there and the rest is history! Their wedding was on a rainy day in Georgia, but it was still a perfect day for these two! See how they made their wedding special to them! 

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1. Getting Family Involved

Having family involved in their wedding was very important to Roberta and Jordan. Both of their families contributed tremendously. Jordan's mom and step dad made and hand painted all of their wedding signs for them as well as made the troughs to go on the tables. Roberta's mom made the table runners for the tables. This was special to them, because they were able to have special keepsakes from their wedding day!  If you have friends or family that want to help out use their strengths and let them be involved in your day without actually "working" on your wedding day!

Signs: The Wooden Anchor

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2. Knot tying Ceremony

Roberta and Jordan are both believers in Christ and wanted to have him as part of the ceremony. They opted to do a knot tying ceremony instead of the normal unity candle. If you choose to do this make sure to practice before the ceremony as it can be tricky! 

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3. Sweet tooth

Roberta has a huge sweet tooth and wanted to incorporate that into her wedding! They choose to do a candy bar for their favor. This is a great option as it is budget friendly and edible! Guests love edible favors and this is not something that would just get tossed in the trash at the end of the night! 

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4. Favorite Food

Have a favorite food or meal? Make this a part of your day! Roberta and Jordan love fruit so they had a fruit display. For dinner they had Roberta's favorite; chicken fajitas! Make sure you are ordering food according to what you want and not someone else! 

Catering: G&W Catering

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5. Guestbook 

Instead of a guestbook that would collect dust on a shelf or stowed away somewhere Roberta and Jordan wanted something more fun! They love playing games so why not Jenga where guests can sign a piece and write a message on it. This way each time they play the game they can see the messages the guests left them on their pieces! Such a great idea as an alternative to a standard guestbook.  

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6. Last Dance 

Jordan's only request was to dance to "Die a Happy Man" by Thomas Rhett and Roberta wanted to do a last dance with just the two of them in the room. So Roberta surprised Jordan by having this song play very last while the guests were lining up for their exit.  This was one of their favorite moments of the day!

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P.S. Remember how I said they ran into each other at Chick-Fil-A well.. they incorporated that into their engagement photos! Get creative with your photos and have fun! 

Photography: Everything Lovely Photography


Tell us what you think! How did you personalize your wedding? Leave us a comment!