10 Creative Favors for Wedding Guests

Feeling stumped about what to do as a favor for your wedding? Below are 10 creative ideas for you! Let us know what you think! 



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This is a meaningful favor for your guests as seeds are a symbol of growth. Maybe have the seeds be flowers you used on your wedding day!

Photography: Laura Goldenberger Photography 


Coffee Mugs

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These are great for destination weddings! This will be a keepsake for your guests for years to come as they will have it in their cupboard and be reminded of the great trip they had while celebrating your marriage!

Photography: Darling Juliet


Something Spicy

If you are known for your love of spicy food, a bottle of hot sauce would be perfect as your favors! Guests can take these bottles home with them and use them on their next dish!

Photography: Greer Gattuso 


Sleep Masks

4 jeannette-taylor-wedding-portugal-favors-103118061-vert.jpg

After a full day of celebrating your guests would love to have a great night's sleep! These sleep masks would be the perfect favor and something they can take on their next vacation! 

Photography: Abby Jiu Photography


Olive Oil

5 great-favors-michele-beckwith-0118-vert.jpg

 Do you have a love all things Italian? Or maybe you or your beau are Greek. Giving guests a bottle of your favorite olive oil is a fun way to incorporate your heritage and make your wedding personal to you!   

Photography: Michele Beckwith


Homemade Limoncello

This is a budget friendly favor and a diy project! This favor does take some planning as it does have to sit for one month, but the steps to making it are simple and anyone could do it! 

Photography: Jasmine Lee Photography



7 great-favors-marissa-maharaj-0118-vert.jpg

Do you have a favorite candle or scent? Passing these along to your family and friends will give them something to freshen up their homes with!

Photography: Marissa Maharaj


Key Chains

These are becoming more popular! It can have one of your favorite quotes on it whether it be inspirational or humorous it is something that will remind your guests of you! 

Photography Haley Richter Photography


9 great-favors-ayres-photo-0118-vert_orig.jpg

Maybe you or your SO are talented and can paint your own artwork for your guests! This a great way to personalize a favor for each of your guests!  

Photography: Ayres Photo


You could give your guests honey from a local business! This helps support a small business and is super cute!

Photography: Southern Flash Photography 



Source: Martha Stewart Weddings