10 Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes

Traditional wedding cake not your thing? There are alternatives that are just as elegant to casual as a traditional wedding cake! Check out these five different options below and let us know what you think!

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Macaroon Cake

Tiny and delicious! These are as elegant as a traditional wedding cake! We love the ombre effect and all the different flavors in this “cake”!

  Cheese Tower

Love cheese and fruit? Do a tower of your favorite cheese wheels adorned with fruit! This is a simple and colorful “cake”! It is also a healthy option. Serve with your favorite wine!


Crepe Cake

Having a brunch wedding or menu? A crepe cake is the way to go! These light and fluffy crepes are delicious and fit right into a brunch menu! Not to mention you can stuff the layers with any filling you want!

Photography Credit Liz Banfield


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 Homemade Treats

This is a major budget friendly option! If you have a friend or family member that is a great baker or makes your absolute favorite desserts why not include them on your wedding? They can bake some of your favorite treats and maybe this can be their gift to you! 

Photography Credit: Isabelle Selby Photography

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If pie is your favorite dessert why not serve it at your wedding! This is a laid back casual option for brides that want to go in that direction. You could have a table with multiple flavors. You could add an ice cream cart, because who doesn’t love a scoop of homemade vanilla with their apple pie?! 

Photography Credit: Shawn Connerr/ Christian Oth Studio

Photography Credit: Corbin Gurkin


Source: Martha Stewart Weddings