8 Wedding Planning Myths Debunked

1. You have to wear a white dress:


Don’t feel pressured into wearing a white dress if that isn’t your thing! There are so many gorgeous color options out there such as blush, dusty blue, or even floral. Do what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful for your big day! 

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2. Hiring friends and or family is the same as hiring professionals:

2 hiring friends.jpg

You may have friends or family that are DIY pros or has a photography hobby, but do you want them to enjoy your wedding or be working it? You won’t get the same results from a family member that you would from a professional photographer, florist, or dj. When going to talk to your potential vendors be up front and honest about your budget. If they are too expensive for you ask if they have any recommendations for a lower budget. If there is something your family or friend can do ahead of time, such as a sign that can be made like the above let them do that! This gives them a sense of responsibility and involvement in your big day without having to miss special moments of the actual day!

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3. If you went to their wedding, you have to invite them to yours:

3 invites.jpg

Don’t feel trapped into inviting people you are not close to. If they invited you to their wedding it does not mean you have to be invite them to yours. It is your day and you should spend it with the people that mean the most to you! By keeping the guest list down it also helps keep the budget down! If someone thinks they are invited kindly let them know because of budget constraints you had to limit the guest list. 

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4. A wedding planner is too expensive:

4 planners expensive.png

A wedding planner is your best friend. They can not only help you find the options in your budget, but also suggest ideas you may have never thought of, but would fit your style or look you were going for for your big day! They may also have discounts with certain vendors they work with a lot. They keep everything from budget to timelines on track for you! There are other options to a full out wedding planner as well. You could do a day of coordinator. The coordinator will be there to take the stress out of the day for you! They coordinate with your vendors as well as keep you on track for your timeline. This is one you may regret not having!

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5. Wedding food always tastes bad:

This is a huge misconception. You don't have to go with the traditional 3 course dinner anymore. We saw last week that brunch and food trucks are trending this year! Another option that caterers are doing is farm fresh food also known as farm to table which provides a great fresh organic option. Make your menu fit your wants and not someone else’s view of what your food should be for your day!

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Event Planner and Coordinator: Mariah Caitlin Events 


6. You’ll cry tears of joy when he proposes, when you slip on the perfect wedding gown, and when you walk down the aisle:

6 everyone cries.jpg

Not everyone cries as they experience these things and that is okay! A groom not bawling as you walk down doesn't mean your marriage is doomed. Everyone expresses emotions differently. Just know that it is okay to cry or not cry tears of joy!  

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7. You should have a one-year engagement:

7 engagment.jpg

There is no rule that you have to be engaged for one year or longer before getting married. Do what works for you! Don’t go off someone else’s timeline of when you should be married. Depending on life circumstances such as finances or trying to finish school will be a determining factor of what your timeline is for your wedding.


8. You have to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen:

8 bridal party.jpeg

Only put people in your bridal party that mean the most to you even if that means having an uneven number of groomsmen and bridesmaids. Don’t feel like you have to include that high school friend you only talk to once a year, because your groom has a lot of friends. This is a time of celebration and you want people you can confide in throughout the planning process as well as help keep the stress away as the day approaches and then celebrates with you leading up to saying I do the day of your wedding!  

Photography: Sarah Kathryn Photography 

Event Planner and Coordinator: Mariah Caitlin Events 

Tell us what do you think about these wedding planning myths! Have you heard any myths that aren't true during the wedding planning process? Leave us a comment and let us know!






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